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California Insurance Information

The State of California is currently in crisis when it comes to obtaining and maintaining reasonable homeowners insurance. Our Realtor® members are collaborating on how, as a professional community, we can advocate for homeowners and their private property. While there is still a lot in the works, we do have a simple and easily accessible tool that you, as a consumer, can use on a regular basis to effect change on a larger scale. We are working to provide our members and the general public with as much information as possible so that they can find adequate and affordable coverage while also working to combat the current crisis.

You can check this page for regular updates on information released and other helpful tips & tricks for ensuring you and your property are protected.

If your clients, your friends, or you yourself have experienced difficulty or hardship due to the inability to obtain or maintain affordable insurance, please let the California Insurance Commission know!

The California Insurance Commission has reported that they will be taking action on a complaint-driven basis. They have opened a forum on their websites when you can submit grievances with the current state of coverage in California. We have linked the page below for your review and usage.

We are always at risk for under representation as a smaller, rural community. Be the squeaky wheel that affects change for the benefit of you & your neighbors!

Consumer Complaint Center

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Provider Complaint Center

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