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HAR Policies & Prodecures



Revised March 2022


Statement of Purpose:  Previously established policies to assist the Association in its decision-making process.






DUES, ASSESSMENTS, FEES, DEPOSITS, FINES                                     









VIRTUAL MEETINGS & RECORDING POLICY                                 









ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY                                                              





End Year Excess Funds: Those funds budgeted and not spent each year shall be placed in an “Operating Reserve Account”.  This account will maintain three months of operating expenses.  (Revised 10/12)

Reserve Policy: The Association Reserve Policy is intended to provide for a continuity of services to its members, plan for future expansion, and to weather any economic changes in the industry or the general economy.

Reserves should be adequate to meet a minimum of 6 months of adjusted operating expenses and not exceed 12 months of adjusted operating expenses. The target reserve level should approximate 6 months. The reserve position should never drop below 3 months of adjusted operating expenses.

In the event the operating reserve drops below 6 months; the finance committee should develop a plan to bring the reserves back up to the 6-month minimum. The plan to re-build reserves can be accomplished through a net operating surplus over several years, though a targeted expense reduction or a dues assessment/dues increase.

In the event reserves exceed 12 months the finance committee should develop a plan to provide a dues reduction or dues holiday.

Any plan developed by the finance committee will be presented to the Board of Directors for review and consideration.

In calculating operating reserves, the association should develop an agreed upon formula. One such formula would be to include all non-designated cash and investments plus accounts receivable, minus all current liabilities, deferred revenue and dues money payable to CAR and NAR. This result is called the organizations free/available cash position.

Adjusted operating expenses should take annual expenses into consideration, less depreciation expense and extraordinary expenses that are unusual in nature and not anticipated to be ongoing in nature.

Once the adjusted operating expenses are determined, it would be divided by 12 months, the result is the associations average monthly expense. The average monthly expenses would then be divided into the available cash position. The result is the number of months reserves the association currently has. (11/19)


Humboldt Association of Realtors® Financial and Investment Policies:  Association Definition: Local Association Not-for-Profit 501 (c) 6 status.


Office Procedures:

  1. Petty Cash – Maintain $300
  2. Cash Drawer – Maintain $150
  3. Checks – Checks are entered into a check receipt excel worksheet by the Administrative Assistant; and processed and entered into QuickBooks by EO or Bookkeeper. Deposits are made at least every 1-2 weeks.
  4. EO/HAR Credit Card – Limit $20,000
  5. Office supplies Purchases – Items requested on a whiteboard, approved by EO and ordered by Admin. Assist., items received verified by Admin. Assist.
  6. Office Equipment Purchases – Authorized by EO
  7. Large Purchases – Authorized by Executive Committee with BOD approval
  8. Invoice and Payments – Invoices stamped (date) received – approved by EO and checked by Executive Committee when signing checks
  9. Employee reimbursements – Must be submitted with check request for EO, previously authorized reimbursements
  10. Direct Deposits/ Pay dates/ Deductions – Employee Manual


Travel Procedures (Employee vs. Volunteer): General travel policy in the current H.A.R. Policies and Procedures


Check Signers and Debit/Credit Card holders: Association requires two check signers, consisting of EO, President, President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. Debit card holders on Toys for Kids/H.A.R. Cares for Youth accounts are EO, President, Chair and Vice-Chair.


Account review and transfer capabilities: EO and CPA have account review capabilities. EO has transfer capabilities (i.e. only between HAR accounts.)


H.A.R. Accounts: 1. Redwood Capital Bank (Operating) (Checking Account. 2. Redwood Capital Bank Savings Account. 3. Redwood Capital Bank H.A.R. Cares for Youth Checking Account. 4. Redwood Capital Bank Scholarship Savings Account. 5. Redwood Capital Bank Angel Savings Account. 6. Humboldt Area Foundation – H.A.R. Cares for Youth Fund.


Budget & Finance Committee:

  1. Committee will have a minimum of five committee members – Consisting of one (1) Board of Director, President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer
  2. Committee will meet semi-annually
  3. Responsibilities/Duties:
  • Prepares, with the Executive Officer, a recommended annual budget.
  • Submits and recommends the investments of surplus funds and advises on the condition of the funds in trust.
  • Semi-annually reviews investment(s) for maximum earning potential.
  • Develops and recommends a written investment policy for adoption by the Board of Directors.
  • Arranges for and reviews the annual financial statement of the previous year’s accounts.


Investments: Committee will review investments twice a year; looking at CD’s, Money Market accounts or other interest-bearing accounts.


Reserves: See reserve H.A.R. Reserve Policy


Duties of CPA/Bookkeeper: CPA/Bookkeeper assists with the monthly billing, payroll, QuickBooks online support, monthly account reconciliation, staff support, taxes, financial reports, budget preparation, inventory, assists with tax preparation, assists with reviews and audits, etc.


Facility Maintenance: Association will require a pest inspection every five years and have needed work completed (ex. 2019, 2024, 2029). It is required to have a minimum of $3,500 applied to the Facility Maintenance Line item each year and any left-over money be accumulated up to $25,000 for maintenance such as roofs, foundation, extensive repairs, etc.


Review/Audit Procedures: The Association will conduct an annual review and every fifth year conduct a full audit with an independent CPA or qualified professional. (Audit Years – 2020 (be done in May or June 2021), 2025 (be done in May or June of 2026)).


Annual Tax Preparation Procedures: Association will have our annual taxes be prepared by an independent CPA or qualified professional.


Operating Account Balance:  When the Operating Account reaches a balance of $70,000, balance above $60,000 will be transferred to the Savings Account.






State Directors Expense Allotment: The Association shall establish an expense allotment to be paid to those members elected by the current Humboldt Association of REALTOR® State Directors to serve as the following year State Directors, Region 1 Chair and Immediate Past Region 1 Chair.  Expense Account forms with receipts or dated copies of receipts and written reports shall be required to be filed with the Executive Officer prior to receiving reimbursement.  Members elected to serve in these capacities shall have served at least one year on the Board of Directors of this Association.  Other members appointed to State level positions will be reimbursed at the discretion of the Board of Directors. State Director positions that members must serve on either the Government Relations Committee, MLS Committee or Board of Directors; must be a Director-for-Life who is a current member of HAR and/or be a CAR Committee Chair or Vice-Chair during their term as State Directors. (5/16)



Established – 4/13/2016 

Accounting Records
* Annual financial statements                                                           (permanently)

* Payroll journals & ledgers                                                              (permanently)

* Deeds and closing papers                                                              (permanently)

* Income tax returns                                                                        (permanently)

* Bank statements                                                                            (seven years)

* Accounts payable and receivable                                                    (seven years)
* Employee expense reports                                                             (seven years)

* Inventory count & costing sheets                                                  (seven years)

* Purchase invoices & orders                                                            (seven years)

* Investments                                                                                  (seven years after disposal)

* Deposit slips                                                                        (four years)
* Accounting correspondence: routine                                   (four years)
* Insurance policies                                                                (four years after expiration)

* Receiving sheets                                                                  (two years)

* Purchase orders (except accounts payable copy)                (one year)

Association Corporate Records
* Articles of incorporation and amendments                         (permanently)
* Bylaws and amendments                                                     (permanently)
* Corporate filings                                                                  (permanently)
* Corporate minute book                                                        (permanently)
* IRS exemption letter                                                            (permanently)

Employment Records
* Personnel records                                                                 (ten years after employment ends)

* Employee benefit plan documents                                      (duration of plan)

* Garnishments/wage assignments                                         (three years)

* Payroll records showing name, address, date of birth, occupation, rate of pay, and weekly compensation  (three years)

* Immigration I-9 forms                                                  (duration of employment plus one year, minimum of three years)

* Documents relating to job recruitment: advertising, job orders submitted to employment agencies, interviewing, testing, hiring, training, demotions, promotions, layoffs, discharges, and other personnel decisions  (one year)

Legal Documents
* Trademarks, patents & copyrights                                       (permanently)

* Legal correspondence:                                                         (permanently)

* Contracts                                                                              (ten years after expiration)

* Warranties & guarantees                                                     (two years beyond terms of the warranty)

* License applications                                                            (one year after expiration)
* Licenses                                                                               (one year after expiration)

MLS Documents
* Rules and regulations                                                          (permanently)
* MLS policies                                                                       (permanently)
* MLS service mark license agreements                                (permanently)
* Sold property information                                                   (permanently)

* Subscription agreements                                                      (ten years after expiration)
* Participation agreements                                                     (ten years after expiration)
* Web site click-through confirmations                                 (ten years)

* Contracts                                                                              (seven years after expiration)

* Lockbox key agreements/leases                                          (one year after agreement terminates)

NAR/Association Documents
* NAR charter                                                                         (permanently)
* Territorial jurisdiction                                                         (permanently)

* Realtor® Agreement                                                           (until superseded)

* Professional standards policies                                            (five years)

* Member file & membership applications                            (two years after membership terminates)

* Professional standards hearing records-- Ethics                  (result of hearing- permanent; rest of hearing file- minimum of 1 year after satisfaction of sanctions (if any) and there is no threat of litigation)

* Arbitration/mediation                                                          (minimum of 1 year after payment of award                                                                                                              (if any) and there is no threat of litigation)



Delinquent Notices:  Delinquent notices shall be sent after the fifteenth of every month.  Staff may suspend applicable MLS and/or membership for over two months past-due accounts.

Finance Charge: HAR will charge a 2% finance charge on any unpaid balance after 30 days.

Statements Emailed: Monthly statements will be emailed to brokers. (1/03)

Invoices Emailed:  Brokers, Agents and Affiliates will be emailed individually for all education, events, store purchases, etc.  If agent accounts are over three months past due, brokers will be charged the balances. (4/19)

Local Dues:  Local dues will be waived to CAR & NAR honorary members for life. (8/06)

New Member Orientation & Deposit: New members will be required to pay a $50.00 deposit at the time of application.  The $50.00 will be refunded once they have attended the mandatory orientation and passed the test with a score of 70% or higher at the orientation.  They will have two chances to attend orientation, at which point their deposit will not be refunded.  New Realtor members may view the online New Member Orientation Video and complete the test within 30 days of becoming a HAR member. If members do not complete the online orientation within 30 days, they may attend the next available Live/Zoom New Member Orientation class. (5/21) New Realtor members are required to complete the on-line N.A.R. New Member Orientation Code of Ethics (minimum of 2 ½ hours) within 30 days of becoming a member of HAR.  If not completed within 30 days, the orientation deposit can be forfeited, and Realtor membership is suspended until the Code of Ethics is completed. (4/19)

Annual Realtor Dues:  NAR’s Ecommerce, online dues billing, will be used for annual Realtor dues.  (9/11)

Reinstatement of Membership Fee: The Board of Directors shall establish a fee to be charged to apply for membership in the Association to reinstate membership in the Association; these fees shall be subject to change from time to time.

Event/Education Class RSVP Policy: If a member reserves a seat for an Association event, does not attend, and/or does not cancel the reservation at least 72 hours prior to the event, the Association will bill them (10/16).  If the seat is able to be filled prior to the event the member will not be charged.  Members who no-show without cancelling will be charged the entire event fee.

Two Party Checks: The Association shall accept No two party checks.

Education Equipment: Members can use HAR’s education equipment for $25.00; this includes use of the room and equipment.  Classes/meetings are to be scheduled during HAR office hours.  HAR staff must set up the webinar/equipment and give trainings before use.  Only portable PowerPoint projector and laptop will be allowed to be removed from HAR by members.  Money made for equipment and room use will go into a fund for equipment repairs or equipment purchase.




Installation of Officers and Directors:  The Annual Installation of Officers and Directors shall be held in January every year. (Amended 12/11)



  1. The Nomination Form will be an application.  All applications must be signed by a member of the Association to be eligible to be included on the golf ballot.  Forms will be released in March.  An electronic application will be available on the website and emailed to members.  (Organizations must be local non-profits to be nominated.  Organizations who have been a beneficiary in the last five years are exempt from nomination.)
  2. The Ballot will have all the information from each organization included and be sent electronically.  Realtor® members receive one vote, affiliate businesses receive one vote, as well as one vote for affiliate branches.  Ballots will be sent in April.
  3. The organization with the highest votes will receive 60% of the golf tournament proceeds and the runner up will receive $500.00.

(Guidelines updated 4/12)

Member Services Committee reviews the distribution requests annually. Money raised from the golf tournament will be distributed as follows: 60% to the main beneficiary, 25-30% to Community Projects, 10-15% to the HAR Scholarship Fund, and/or 5% to the Angel Fund, totally 100%.  The Community Projects budget is a roll-over budget for donation allocation from the Member Services Committee. (2/13)

Cleaning deposits for vacation rental auction packages will be reimbursed out of golf proceeds up to $300.00 each.  (8/07)

Golf Tournament Participants under 21 years of age are not allowed to play in our annual Association sponsored golf tournament.  (7/14)



The purpose of the Angel Program is to provide services to HAR members during hardship brought on by the unforeseen burdens that may hinder our lives from time to time.  It is through these efforts that we may enrich the human experience with hope, strength and support for our fellow colleagues.  Money for this program will be raised by the Angel Committee and all requests for assistance will be reviewed by the Angel Committee.  All requests and services are confidential.  Individual personal fundraisers or help with private fundraisers are allowed. The Angel Fund is a yearly roll-over fund (2/13).


  • Must be a member of HAR, a member’s spouse, child or parent, to be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Monetary donations to individual members have a $1,000.00 cap.


  • Accident or Medical Emergency
  • Death of a spouse, parent, or child
  • Immediate need for unforeseen incidence
  • Medical Condition

Services are not limited to the above and all applications will be reviewed by the Angel Committee on a case-by-case basis. The Board of Directors will review the fund annually.

Services Offered:

  • Note cards will be sent for illness, surgery, or major injury.
  • Flower Deliveries or Gift Cards will be sent for death of parents, spouse, or children, to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and committee will conduct a special meeting via email voting.
  • Transportation needs
  • Meals
  • Organized volunteer assistance
  • Home Services
  • Waiver of local dues
  • Ombudsman coordination and/or contribution
  • Additional Services offered on a case-by-case basis, up to $1,000.00 cap and committee will conduct a special meeting via email voting. (3/20)



  • Government Relations Committee writes letters, letters are emailed to the committee for feedback, then the letters are approved by the Executive Committee before distribution.



  • Need two check signers
  • Chair, Vice-Chair, President, and Executive Officer are the check signers
  • Must use appropriate H.A.R. Debit Cards for purchasing items. Do Not Use personal checks or personal credit cards and reimburse yourself. Must go through the President and Executive Officer
  • For large purchases ($500), must have Committee (and BOD) approval
  • Request from BOD to have immediate access to fundraised money, not BOD restricted funds
  • Committee will conduct a special meeting via email voting to distribute donations as needed
  • All receipts must be turned into Bookkeeper for record keeping and audits
  • Monthly bank reconciliation of accounts
  • Annual audit of account
  • Maintain a fiscal sponsorship with Humboldt Area Foundation
  • Request funds from Humboldt Area Foundation when it reaches $500.00
  • Board minutes will be provided to Humboldt Area Foundation to request funds
  • Board of Directors will pay the 2% management fee that is charged by Humboldt Area Foundation



Scholarship & Grant Sub-Committee.  The Scholarship & Grant Sub-Committee allocates funds from the Scholarship & Grant Fund for either Scholarships and/or Grants. The Scholarship & Grant fund will maintain a $5,000.00 reserve amount. 

Scholarships:  HAR Scholarship criteria:

  1. Student must be a Humboldt County school student who is enrolled or will be enrolled at a university or college.
  2. Student must be studying for a profession which is centered on a career in Real Estate, Appraisal, Property Management, Finance, Real Estate Law, Interior Decorating, Woodworking, Construction, Landscaping, Cabinet Making, Architectural Design, or Drafting.
  3. Student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
  4. Scholarships must be used for academic fees and/or academic supplies.

Any unclaimed HAR scholarships will be absorbed back into the scholarship fund if not claimed within the semester awarded. (Criteria revised & addition of unclaimed wording added 4/12)


Realtor & Appraiser Grant Guidelines:  Realtor Grants are open to applicants who take live or on-line correspondence courses. Two separate grants will be established:  Pre-Licensing Course Grant ($250) and California Salesperson Exam Grant ($250).

Appraiser Grants are open to applicants who take live or online correspondence Courses. Four separate grants will be established: AT- Trainee License, AL – Residential License, AR – Certified Residential License, and AG – Certified General License. (8/20)

  • Realtor Grant amounts up to $500 are awarded per person
  • Appraiser Grant amounts up to $1,000 are awarded per person.
  • Grants will be considered for eligibility and funding on a quarterly basis by the Scholarship Sub-Committee
  • Committee will award grants on a quarterly basis to qualifying applicants showing the most financial need. Quarterly amounts to be determined by the committee after they establish how much money is available on a yearly basis (i.e.) Golf Tournament proceeds, individual contributions, committee fundraisers, and how much money is awarded to scholarship applicants)
  • Applicant must be a resident of Humboldt County
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • An essay answering the following questions must be submitted with the application:
    • Why do you want to become a real estate agent/appraiser?
    • What is your ultimate career goal?
    • What do you think being a real estate agent/appraiser entails?
  • Applicant must show a financial need
  • Applicant must not be receiving government aid to start a new career
  • Applicant must submit certificate of completions on all three Pre-Licensing courses (Real Estate Practices, Real Estate Principles, and another qualifying course) and submit proof of a scheduled California Salesperson exam with the Department of Real Estate to qualify for the Pre-Licensing Grant
  • Applicant must submit proof of passing the California Real Estate Salesperson to qualify for the Salesperson Exam Grant
  • Grants must be applied for within six months of completion or passing licensing exam
  • Applicant must submit one personal reference letter
  • Applicant must sign application certifying that:
    • They are a resident of Humboldt County
    • They are 18 years of age or over
    • They have completed the three required courses to obtain their real estate license
    • They are not receiving government aid to obtain a real estate license
    • They have a date scheduled to take the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam or have passed the exam
    • That their information on the application is true and correct and they are not providing misleading or fraudulent information that would result in the termination of this grant request
  • A release was added to the application allowing use of the recipient’s name, grant amount and photo. (10/14)



Office/Branch/Agent Changes:  HAR will charge a fee to set-up a branch office, change an office, and transfer brokers and/or agents between offices.

New Member Applicants/ Member Changes.  HAR will notice its membership via the bi-weekly newsletter the names of all new Realtor, Affiliate and MLS only applicants.  This notice will also inform the membership when an agent transfers offices or becomes inactive. (6/04)

Lunch Guests:  Agents and affiliates being introduced as new members of the Association shall be luncheon guests of the Association at the next regularly scheduled General Membership Meeting. (6/07)

MLS Only Set Up Fee.  The initial application fee for MLS only Brokers will be $500.00. (9/08) The application fee for an MLS only agent will be $300.00.  There is an annual $100 fee per MLS Only Subscriber due January 1st of each year. (8/15)

Affiliates.   Affiliates on all standing committees, except the Board of Directors, have the same voting status as Realtor members. (1/04)



Facebook:  HAR will have a Facebook page and Instagram and adopt the following Social Media Policy & Procedures.  (1/10)

Social Media Policy and Procedures apply to blogs, websites, forums and social networking sites.


  • Always identify yourself and your sources of information.
  • Do not provide Association’s confidential/proprietary information.


  • Respect copyright laws and trademarks.
  • Reference or cite sources appropriately.
  • Accept and correct mistakes in a timely manner.


  • Do not insult, use obscene language, or behave in any way that would be inappropriate of Humboldt Association of Realtors®
  • Be respectful to the company, members, vendors and the public.


  • Staff will input data on social media sites.
  • Staff will monitor and respond if a crisis develops, including removal of slanderous and liable information.
  • All crises will be reported to Executive Officer, Executive Committee and Board of Directors if needed.



Committee/Meeting/Event Recording Policy:

  1. What type of meetings/events can be recorded:
    • General Membership Meetings
    • Education Trainings/Seminars
    • New Member Orientation
    • Townhall/Information Trainings
    • MLS Trainings
    • Candidate Forums
    • Installation of Officer Event
    • Committee meetings (excluding GRC, MLS and all BOD meetings for liability issues (audio only if needed in preparation of minutes.)
  2. Notification of Recording(s):
    • Participants must be notified in advance of the recorded event.
    • Announce at beginning of the meeting/event.
    • If participants do not wish to be recorded, they can: Turn off their video, mute their audio, or remove themselves from the recorded event.
  3. Recorded events/meetings will be available to subscribers for 10-30 days, at the discretion of the meetings leader.
  4. Audio Recordings must be eliminated upon completion of minutes.

Virtual Meetings: Attendees who participate in virtual meetings are required to wear headphones or be in a private enclosed office with video on for engagement purposes.

Hybrid Committee Meetings:  Committee meetings will held as in-person meetings at the Association office.  Members can attend virtually if they have a medical or other pre-approved reason that they will not be able to attend in person.  Members must give the staff 48 hours notice to get approval from the committee chair or the Executive Committee.

Virtual Professional Standards Hearings: That absent a compelling reason, the Association may require parties to disciplinary and arbitration complaints filed at the association to participate in virtual hearings conducted via Zoom or a similar virtual meeting platform. (8/20)




Board endorsement of Political Candidates: The Board shall seek input of LCRC or the Government Relations Committee prior to endorsing any candidate for local political office. Whenever possible, candidate interviews (or forums) should be conducted before any endorsement decision is made. The Board should request input from GRC and LCRC prior to any endorsement decision being made. A super majority of 2/3 shall be required to approve an endorsement.



Alcohol on Association Premises:  Alcoholic beverages shall be prohibited at all Association functions held in or at the Association’s facilities unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.

Association Events:  Mayors, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, Assembly-People, Senators, and Local Representatives will be invited to Association events.

Association Letters:  The Executive Committee can review and approve letters.  They can also make the decision to have the Association’s Attorney review letters and/or the entire Board of Directors if needed.  (6/05)

Board of Directors Minutes: A “Minutes Book” of Directors minutes shall be kept by the Executive Officer and shall be made available at all meetings of the Board of Directors and be available to the General Membership.

Committee Actions: No Committee of the Association shall act without the express consent of the Board of Directors unless action is authorized by the Bylaws, written policy, or the action has been previously approved by the Association.  Money fundraised can be distributed by committee overseeing the money with proper committee voting procedures, without waiting for Board of Directors approval.  This would include Member Services Committee’s Community Projects, Angel Committee, Golf Committee, HAR Cares for Youth Committee, and Scholarship & Grant.  Board of Directors reviews the fundraising accounts annually.  (4/14)

Committee Attendance: Any committee member missing two (2) meetings in a row without prior notice via phone call (ABSENT) or email to staff or three (3) in any 12 month period with prior notice via phone call or email to staff (EXCUSED), will be moved to nonvoting status; and they will be ineligible for Association paid events. Being more than 10 minutes last for a meeting will count as a missed meeting.  (5/18)

MLS Committee:

      (a)    Vacancies. Vacancies in unexpired terms shall be filled as in the case of original appointees.

(b)    Quorum. A majority of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum.  A majority of those present at a meeting shall be required for action unless it is a matter involving a recommendation for an amendment of the MLS rules in which case a 2/3 vote of the total number of committee members shall be required.

(c)    Meetings.  The Multiple Listing Service committee shall meet for the transaction of its business at a time and place to be determined by the committee or at the call of the Chairman. The committee may call meetings of the participants or subscribers in the service for the purpose of gathering and disseminating information.

Email Addresses:  Email addresses will be made available in the member roster, Affiliate Directory, electronic roster, on the HAR website member directory and on the MLS. (Revised 4/12)

Gift Certificates: The HAR store will charge members a $3.00 transaction fee per gift certificate purchased through the store.  Certificates are created in-house per member’s request. (1/05)

Inventory:  A quarterly running inventory of resale supplies shall be kept.

July Committee Meetings: No committees will meeting during the month of July, except Board of Directors.  (8/19)

Listing Contract: Upon the advice of legal counsel, the Association will not require a copy of the listing contract prior to publication of listings.

Membership Roster: Member rosters, in book form, will be distributed or sold solely to the membership and MLS subscribers. Members have the option to opt-out of receiving a copy of the member directory and allow the distribution of the PDF version. If a member is caught distributing the PDF version to non-members, a $500 fine will be issued (09/20). Affiliates are given one contact name in the roster; each additional name is $25.00 per year.  Affiliates can list branch offices in the roster for $50.00 per year. Additional copies of the Membership Roster will cost $5.00 each. (10/16)

Board of Director Lunches: Board of Directors will be provided a reasonable priced lunch during their monthly meetings.

Mixers:  The Association will conduct mixers on a quarterly basis.  Mixer will either be hosted by a member of the Association or organized by appropriate committees (i.e. Member Services and Affiliates H.A.R. Cares for Youth Committees)  (8/15)

Electronic Roster:  For an annual fee of $50.00 per member an electronic roster will be provided; participants will receive quarterly updates.

Affiliate Products and Services Directory:  HAR will provide an Affiliate Products & Services Directory.  The approved advertising prices are:

  • $50 for a business card ad (1 copy only) (2/14)
  • $80 for a business card ad (both copies) (2/14)
  • $150 for a half page color/glossy inside cover ad (1 copy only) (2/14)

Realtor advertisements are excluded from this directory (10/12).

Mailing Labels: Mailing labels will be made available to non-members for a fee of $75.00 and to members for $40.00 (10/16)

Mileage Reimbursement:  Mileage will be reimbursed per mile to staff and State Directors for HAR functions. Staff is to always maintain compliance with IRS standards.  (10/05)

MLS Waivers: A Waiver from MLS will be used in accordance with NAR guidelines.  Those agents acting under a waiver shall be required to file a written request for renewal on an annual basis.

New Agent Billing: The Association shall, upon notification of a new agent, charge the new agent the applicable membership and assessment fees.  Brokers will be billed all appropriate non-member dues and assessment fees.  The transferability of said dues and fees shall be made in accordance with the current CAR and NAR policy.

Newsletter Ads: Only HAR members will be allowed to advertise in the HAR Newsletter or on the HAR website.  All ads must be copy ready and can be full color.  A 2 inch x 2 inch is $30.00 per month.  A 2 by 3 ad is $40.00 per month.  A 3 by 3 ad is $50.00 per month. A Quarter Page ad is $75.00 per month. Website linking will be an additional $5.00 per month.  The newsletter will be emailed and placed on the HAR website with distribution to all members.  Each advertising company will be billed monthly.  The ad may be cancelled by giving 30 days written notice to the Association.  Ads are encouraged to be banner ads only.  (Amended 7/10) Ads may be changed on a month-by-month basis. (4/14)

Paperless Meetings:  Board of Directors and Committee meetings will be conducted as paperless meetings. Agenda packets will be emailed prior to the meetings. Meeting agendas will be provided at the meetings and the entire packet can be viewable on the whiteboard.  (2/19)

Press Releases/PSA’s: The current President, the Executive Officer and another member of the Executive Committee together can approve press Releases and PSA’s.

Public Marina Deposit: Members will be able to use the revolving deposit of $210.00 at the Wharfinger Public Marina as a member benefit.  They will be required to provide their own proof of insurance directly to the marina.

Recording Meetings, Orientations, and Events: General Membership Meetings, Education Trainings/Seminars, New Member Orientation, Townhall/Information Trainings, MLS Trainings, Candidate Forums, Installation of Officer Event and Committee Meetings (excluding GRC, MLS, and all Board of Directors meetings for liability issues {audio only if needed in preparation of minutes}) may be recorded. Participants must be notified in advance of the recorded event. Announcement that the event is being recorded must be made at the beginning of the event. If participants do not wish to be recorded, they can: Turn off their video, mute their audio, or remove themselves from the recorded event. Recorded events/meetings will be available to subscribers for 10-30 days, at the discretion of the meetings leader. Audio Recordings must be eliminated upon completion of minutes. (5/21)

Recycle:  HAR will, whenever possible and practicable, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Returned Check Fee: Actual bank fees will be charged for all checks returned to the Association for insufficient funds. (4/12)

Staff Expenses, Performance, or Compensation: Any time staff expenses, staff performance, or staff compensation is discussed, it is to be done in a closed session Board of Directors meeting. (7/20)

Committee Agenda Preamble:  Add the committee preamble to all Association committee agendas. (11/14)

Virtual Meeting Platforms: Board of Directors and any Committee of the Association may conduct meetings and voting via Virtual Meeting Platforms like the Zoom Video Chat for Board of Directors and Committee meetings. (3/20)

Website:  The HAR web site will include web site addresses of members. (3/05)  An “Open House” section will be added to the HAR website for public access.  Open Houses will include links to the MLS information on those properties. (2/09)  Filters (Languages, Specializations and Designations) will be available on the website. (4/14)  Agent and affiliate photos can be on the HAR website under the Member Directories. (4/14/) NMLS numbers will be included on the website to comply with BRE rules for lenders/agents.  The website will contain members email, website addresses, photos, office and contact numbers and addresses.  (4/14)  Price to place a rotating banner ad on the HAR website will be $25 per month after an introductory rate of $20 per month for the first three months. HAR Affiliates will be allowed to place linked rotating banner ads on the HAR website (excludes the home page).  (6/14)  The listing office field must be removed from the Public Website Smartframe (HAR Website) or use the “Broker Reciprocity” logo. (08/16)



Nominating Committee Guidelines:

  1. Members from the Southern Humboldt area will be asked by the Nominating Committee to run for their Director position.
  2. The Committee will take geographic locations into consideration.
  3. The Nominating Committee, in choosing a President Elect shall attempt to select a person who will be willing to serve as President the following year, if elected.
  4. The Committee shall not be responsible for the nomination of the Chair of the Multiple Listing Service Committee; this position will be appointed by the President for that year.



Professional Standards Training:  Members of the Directors, Grievance Committee and Professional Standards Committee shall attend professional standards training every two years.

Professional Standards Hearing Panels:  In the event of need, the President may appoint any prior members of the Professional Standards Committee to serve as a Hearing Panelist.

Professional Standards Multi-Association Agreements:  A Multi-Association Professional Standards Agreement with Del Norte Association of Realtors® will be put in place, subject to hearings being held at the Humboldt Association of Realtors® office. There will be a $500.00 fee charged to the Del Norte Association of Realtors to administer their Professional Standards cases. (3/16) A Multi-Association Professional Standards Agreement will be in effect with Lake County Association of Realtors®.

Professional Standards Fee Schedule:  Continuances - If the Association grants a continuance to a scheduled hearing, it will be without charge to the requesting party for the first time only. Second Continuance $25.00 - Subsequent Continuances $75.00.  Reviews - Deposits towards reviews are non-refundable unless the case is dismissed or sent to rehearing.  Grievance Review $50.00 - Request for Review $100.00.  Petition to Re-hear - Deposits are non-refundable unless the rehearing is not granted. Petition to Rehear $200.00.  Duplicate Tapes - Duplicate Hearing Tapes $20.00.


Grievance Citation Policy:  Adopted the following Citation Policy:

Article 3:  Failure to disclose existence of dual or variable rate commission.

Article 12:  Failure to disclose professional status in advertising and other representations.

Failure to display name of firm and state of licensure in a reasonable and apparent manner.

Using a professional designation, certification or other credential to which they are not legitimately entitled.

Failure to disclose name of firm in advertisement for listed property.

Failure to disclose status as both owner/landlord and REALTOR® or licensee when advertising property in which REALTOR® has ownership interest.

Falsely claiming to have “sold” property.


FEE SCHEDULE:           $25.00 First Offense

                                    $50.00 Second Offense for Repeat Violation

                                    $100.00 Third Offense for Repeat Violation (1/15) 


Grievance / Professional Standards Committee:  Members of the Grievance and Professional Standards committee must commit to three-year terms.  Members must begin serving on the Grievance Committee before serving on the Professional Standards Committee.  Committee must be a variety of different member offices. Committee must be appointed by the President.  Grievance Committee must have a minimum of 5 members and the Professional Standards Committee must have a minimum of 9 members with staggered terms.

Virtual Professional Standards Hearings: That absent a compelling reason, the Association may require parties to disciplinary and arbitration complaints filed at the association to participate in virtual hearings conducted via Zoom or a similar virtual meeting platform. (8/20)



Association members will observe the following REALTOR® Fair Housing Declaration:

  • Provide equal professional service without regard to the race, color, religion, gender (sex), disability (handicap), familial status, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity of any prospective client, customer or of the residents of any community.
  • Keep informed about fair housing law and practices, improving my clients’ and customers’ opportunities and my business.
  • Develop advertising that indicates everyone is welcome and no one is excluded; expanding my clients’ and customers’ opportunities to see, buy or lease property.
  • Inform my clients and customers about their rights and responsibilities under the fair housing laws by providing brochures and other information.
  • Document my efforts to provide professional service, which will assist me in becoming a more responsive and successful REALTOR®.
  • Refuse to tolerate non-compliance.
  • Learn about those who are different from me and celebrate those differences.
  • Take a positive approach to fair housing practices and aspire to follow the spirit as well as the letter of the law.
  • Develop and implement fair housing practices for my firm to carry out the spirit of this declaration.



REALTOR of the Year:  The Association shall buy and present a plaque yearly to the recipient of the award.

ROOKIE of the Year:  The Association shall buy and present a plaque to the recipient of the award.

AFFILLIATE of the Year.  The Association shall buy and present a plaque yearly to the recipient of the award.



  1. The candidate must be a successful Realtor®, Rookie or Affiliate, a true professional, who has attained a measure of respect from their peers.
  2. Description of a Rookie is a Realtor member from start of Realtor membership through their second year. (4/13)
  3. The candidate must have made a contribution to the field of real estate.
  4. The candidate must be active in the community – they must have made some non-real estate related contribution(s) to the community.
  5. The nominee must be involved with the Association, attending Association events, volunteering time to fundraisers organized by the Association, and actively participate on committees.


  1. All REALTOR® and Affiliate members are eligible to nominate any Realtor, Rookie or Affiliate for REALTOR OF THE YEAR, ROOKIE OF THE YEAR or AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR.
  2. Nomination letters and/or forms must be submitted by Association members by yearly stated deadline. (Updated 4/12)
  3. Nominations should contain some background information on the nominee, and should further detail how the nominee meets the qualifications listed above.
  4. Finally, the nomination should explain why this particular nominee should be named REALTOR OF THE YEAR, ROOKIE OF THE YEAR or AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR.

Selection Process:

  1. Member Services Committee and chairs of other Committee and Sub-Committees will review the nomination letters or forms for the Rookie and Affiliate of the Year awards. (Awards will be selected if member nominated meets the criteria).  (4/14)
  2. Three past Realtor® of the Year recipients will review the Realtor of the Year nomination letters or forms and vote. (revised 4/13)
  3. Honor Realtor®, Rookie and Affiliate of the Year at the annual Installation of Officers dinner.

(Entire Selection Process Updated 8/08)

The past recipients will present the award to the winner at the annual Installation Dinner.



Staff organization shall be such that the Executive Officer shall be in charge of all operations within the Association staff and the Executive Officer shall report to the Board of Directors.  Executive Officer will be evaluated annually by the current President. The Executive Officer will submit a self-evaluation two weeks prior to the meeting.

Association will maintain an annual non-owned company vehicle policy on employees that drive for the Association.

Executive Officer is required to complete a Harassment Training within six-months of hiring and every two years following their hire date.  Non-Supervisor association staff will be required to fulfill state mandated harassment training requirements or a minimum of completing a non-supervisor harassment training every five years.

Other Staff policies are located in the Employee manual.




  • To provide for authorized business travel on behalf of the Association at the lowest feasible cost, while allowing some appropriate individual discretion to choose the most convenient airline, travel time, hotel or other requirement to accomplish the objectives of the trip.
  • To reimburse members for authorized business travel expenses on a fair and equitable basis, and in a timely manner.
  • To eliminate burdensome recordkeeping and streamline the reimbursement process.
  • To ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Service requirements.


  • Receipts: Original receipts required for all expenses.
  • Deadlines: Expense reports must be received by H.A.R. within 30 days of trip.
  • Airfare:

➢ Coach Class only

➢ Purchase tickets in advance, whenever possible.

➢ Must have original passenger receipt.

  • Mileage: paid at the IRS rate, $0.545 per mile in 2018

➢ Mileage cannot exceed cost of airfare to same destination.

  • Rental Car: Prior permission from association staff is required.

➢ The Association’s insurance policy does not cover volunteer members renting vehicles in conjunction with their attendance at authorized business meetings.

➢ Collision damage waiver must be purchased.

  • Parking & Tolls: Actual Cost
  • Taxi & Bus: Actual Cost (business purposes only)
  • Lodging:

➢ Room and tax will be covered

➢ Some of the Incidentals will be reimbursed

➢ Must have original receipt with proof of payment.

  • Telephone: It is assumed that you will be able to make necessary calls on your cell phone. You may request reimbursement if you incur additional costs for calls directly related to HAR business.

➢ Air-to-ground calls are not reimbursable.

  • Incidentals: Meals, snacks, and tips are reimbursable. The following are examples of non-reimbursable expenses.

➢ Laundry, Toiletries

➢ Personal entertainment (i.e. in room movies)

➢ Purchase of books or magazines

➢ Barber or Beautician

➢ Meals or entertainment for other individuals

➢ Health Club and Massage

➢ Air Phone Calls

  • Maximum Reimbursement: The maximum reimbursement for meals and incidentals is $75 per day. Reimbursement is for actual expenses only.
  • Other Sources of Reimbursement: CAR will reimburse some portion of a member’s travel expense for IMPAC, CREPAC and other CAR activities. Seek reimbursement from those other sources first and report the reimbursement requested when submitting your expense report to HAR.


The Humboldt Association of REALTORS® requires original receipts for all expenses. H.A.R. will not reimburse expenditure if there is no receipt to document the expenditure.  Receipts must be included for all expenditures regardless of dollar amount. If a receipt is not obtainable, a contemporaneous, written record of the expenditure noting the date, amount, vendor and purpose may be an acceptable substitute.  Your receipts should be included when you submit your expense report.


When traveling on Association business, members are required to make their own air reservations.

  • Reservations are for coach class or special fares only (unless you wish to pay the difference).
  • Make your reservation as far in advance of the trip as practical to ensure low fare availability.
  • Members including personal travel in conjunction with an authorized business trip may do so. Additional costs associated with the personal portion of the travel are not reimbursable.
  • Reasonable baggage fees are reimbursable.
  • Fees for extra leg room, priority check-in, or other special services are NOT reimbursable.


  • Airport Limo, Taxi and Bus: Actual Cost
  • Mileage: the IRS mileage rate, currently $0.545 per mile in 2018. Mileage reimbursement will not to exceed cost of airfare.
  • Parking/Tolls: Actual Cost
  • Rental Car: Rental cars are reimbursable only when other methods of transportation are not obtainable and prior permission has been obtained from association staff.
    • If it is necessary to rent a car, the collision damage waiver must be purchased. This is to ensure that you will not be liable for out-of-pocket expenses should an accident occur.
    • Also, if it is necessary to rent a car, the lowest available rate for the appropriate size vehicle should be obtained.
    • Note: Use discretion when choosing your method of transportation to and from the airport (i.e., in many cases, if you will be out of town for five (5) or more days, it might be less expensive to use an airport shuttle versus parking your car at the airport).
    •  If you choose to drive to a meeting in lieu of flying, the total cost should not exceed the applicable airfare.


  • Reasonable room and tax that you paid are reimbursable.
  • Incidentals should be paid by you upon check out. Some of these incidental expenses may be reimbursed by H.A.R.


  • You may be reimbursed for all meals, snacks, tips and some of the incidental expenses mentioned previously.
  • The maximum reimbursable expense for meals and incidentals is $75 per day.


It is assumed that you will be able to make necessary calls on your cell phone.

  • You may request reimbursement if you incur additional costs for calls directly related to HAR business.
  • Air-to-ground calls are not reimbursable.


An expense reimbursement must be submitted within thirty days following completion of travel. Receipts must accompany expense reports. All expenses must be approved by the appropriate staff program budget manager, and allocated to the proper account for budgeting purposes. No reimbursement will be made for expenses more than ninety days following the trip.

No reimbursements will be made that would result in exceeding the budgeted amount for any given year.



Humboldt AOR Commitment:

The Humboldt AOR is committed to providing a productive and welcoming environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. Members are expected to act with courtesy and mutual respect toward each other, Humboldt AOR or MLS staff, service providers, speakers, guests and event participants.

Prohibition of Harassment:

No Member of the Humboldt AOR may harass an Association or MLS staff member, volunteer, officer or director, or another Member, service provider, speaker or guest of the Humboldt AOR during any Humboldt AOR function, meeting or Humboldt AOR-related event or at the Humboldt AOR workplace or in any other forum or platform governed by NAR policy.


Harassment includes inappropriate conduct, comment, display, action, or gesture based on another person’s sex, color, race, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and any other protected characteristic. Harassment in any form is strictly prohibited.

Examples of harassment include, but are not limited to: epithets, slurs or negative stereotyping; threatening, intimidating or hostile acts; denigrating jokes; and the display or circulation of written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility toward an individual or group based on a protected characteristic.

Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is one form of harassment. Sexual harassment may involve individuals of the same or different gender. Like all harassment, sexual harassment is strictly prohibited.

Sexual harassment can be:

Verbal: Sexual innuendoes, suggestive comments, jokes of a sexual nature, sexual propositions, or threats.

Non-Verbal: Sexually suggestive objects or pictures, graphic commentaries, suggestive or insulting sounds, leering, whistling, or obscene gestures.

Physical: Unwanted physical contact, including touching, pinching, coerced sexual intercourse, or assault.

Ways to Avoid All Types of Harassing Conduct:

All Members are responsible for following this Policy and maintaining a work environment that is free from all types of harassment. Often the best way to stop offensive conduct is to simply tell the person/s of your objection to it. The Humboldt AOR encourages you to do so.

While persons are encouraged to advise of unwelcome behavior, even if no one has told an alleged harasser that his/her conduct is offensive, the alleged harasser may still be subject to discipline as set forth in this Policy. To avoid the risk of violating this Policy, Members will want to follow these guidelines:

  • Remember that another individual may consider touching to be unwelcome or offensive.
  • Racial, religious, ethnic, age-related and sexual jokes and epithets have no place in the work environment or at work-related functions or events.
  • Compliments to others should be kept general.
  • Drinking impairs good judgment. When at work related social functions or events, whether on or off the premises, avoid having one drink too many.
  • Do not behave in a way you would not want your spouse, significant other, parent, child or clergy to witness.

How to Report Incidents of Harassment or Inappropriate Behavior:

Any member who believes they experienced or witnessed harassment or other inappropriate behavior in violation of this Policy should promptly report the incident to one of the following individuals: the Chief Executive Officer/Association Executive or the President of the Association or the next highest officer who is not the subject of or directly connected by way of a close personal or business relationship, or otherwise poses a conflict of interest, with the subject of the complaint, or if no other officer remains, a member of the Board of Directors.

Protection for Reporting and Cooperating:

No recourse will be taken against an individual acting in good faith for reporting harassment or for cooperating in an investigation.

Description of Misconduct:

An accurate record of objectionable behavior or misconduct is encouraged to resolve a formal complaint of harassment. Reports of harassment may be made verbally or in writing. Individuals who believe that they have been or are currently being harassed, should attempt to maintain a record of objectionable conduct in order to prepare effectively and substantiate their allegations.

Time Frame for Reporting a Complaint:

The Humboldt AOR encourages a prompt reporting of complaints so that rapid response and appropriate action may be taken. This Policy not only aids the complainant, but also helps to maintain an environment free from harassment or inappropriate behavior contemplated by this Policy.

Investigation and Discipline:

Upon receipt of a report of possible harassment or inappropriate behavior in violation of this Policy, the Humboldt AOR will promptly conduct a review in consultation with counsel. Through this consultation, the Humboldt AOR may determine whether the matter can be resolved by meeting with those involved, or whether the matter should be referred to an investigatory team for further processing.

In instances of referral to an investigatory team, the Humboldt AOR will promptly conduct an investigation in consultation with counsel. Unless otherwise determined by the Humboldt AOR in consultation with counsel, the investigatory team will be comprised of the President, President-Elect and one member of the Board of Directors selected by the highest-ranking officer not named in or directly connected by way of a close personal or business relationship, or otherwise posing a conflict of interest with one named in the complaint.

A conflict of interest shall be deemed to exist when, by appearance or otherwise, a person cannot be considered to be impartial or disinterested. Examples include, but are not limited to, current or past relationships by blood, family, business, encounters of an acrimonious nature or any other situation when one cannot be impartial by appearance or otherwise. In the event any member of the investigatory team has a conflict of interest, the individual shall be precluded from participating in the proceedings.

Unless otherwise determined by the Humboldt AOR in consultation with counsel, should any potential conflict exclude any of the officers or directors outlined in succession above, one or more shall be replaced by the Immediate Past President or, alternatively, by another member of the Board of Directors selected by the highest ranking officer not named in or directly connected by way of a close personal or business relationship with one named in the complaint, or otherwise posing a conflict of interest, or if no other officer or director remains, by the Chief Executive Officer/Association Executive.

In pursuing the investigation, the Humboldt AOR shall take the wishes of the complainant under consideration, but shall thoroughly investigate the matter, keeping the complainant informed as to the general status of the investigation, while maintaining the confidentiality of the investigatory process. During the investigation, the Humboldt AOR will involve only those deemed necessary to the investigation, and disclosures will only be made on an as-needed basis.

If, after its investigation, the investigatory team concludes there is sufficient evidence that a violation of this Policy has occurred, the investigatory team will determine any disciplinary action.

The Humboldt AOR may, but is not obligated, to refer the investigation or the investigation and recommendation of discipline to another AOR or outside investigator for handling.

[NOTE: An external body would likely consist of professionals such as an outside human resource firm or a law firm experienced with conducting investigations of this nature to serve as the investigatory team. Depending on the alleged facts and circumstances, it’s possible some complaints may be more appropriately handled by an external body; the AOR should consult with its board counsel to determine whether it may be advisable for a given matter to be referred to an external body.]

The Humboldt AOR reserves the right to take any necessary and appropriate disciplinary action against a member who engages in any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior in violation of this Policy. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, prohibition from attendance at future Humboldt AOR meetings or events, removal from a committee appointment, officer or director position, probation, suspension or expulsion from membership or any other action deemed appropriate by Humboldt AOR. The Humboldt AOR further reserves the right to consider any matter referred to it from the California Association of REALTORS® (“C.A.R.”) as a result of a violation of C.A.R.’s Code of Conduct, Civility and Harassment Policy and has the discretion to determine whether further action should be taken against the member at issue by the Humboldt AOR.

A written summary of the resolution, including whether or not this Policy was violated and whether the alleged perpetrator was disciplined, will be prepared and shared with the alleged complainant and perpetrator(s) involved and the Board of Directors.  (September 2020).

HAR Bylaws
MLS Rules & Regulations